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Living Free, originally a subscriber-based e-zine, is now being offered in digital and on-demand print formats. It is about living as a naturist, rather than simply focusing on resorts and travel, as most other naturist publications do. We hold that it is not necessary to travel to exotic locations or go to secluded beaches or resorts to enjoy nude living; it can be done at home, in the backyard, around the pool, or on a hike.

Naturism is a way of life that may incorporate broader spiritual and philosophical awareness as well as concerns about health and exercise and our place in the world. Naturism is about a search for truth, understanding, and growth; it is about living a better life; it is about nurturing curiosity and spreading knowledge to others.

At the base of our gymnosophy is the belief that the naked human body is inherently decent, beautiful, and dignified. Living Free promotes this view by cultural education, encouraging readers to practice social nudity when reasonable and appropriate. We present the nude body in its true, integral, holistic light. Rather than denying certain parts of the body, we believe that, by placing them in their rightful, God-given context, those who now oppose nudity will be unable to raise a legitimate objection. By sharing our experiences, we also help those who may be struggling to reconcile the naturist philosophy with what society and their prior upbringing has taught them.

Our World

In addition to articles focusing on naturism, Living Free offers perspectives on "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say. Naturists do not live in a vacuum and what is happening in the broader community has an impact on how naturists live. We are interested in stories about people, how they deal with life's obstacles, and how they transcend difficulties.

Living Free carries articles about the arts and offers works of fiction, poetry, and opinion.

We also occasionally offer video clips from our interviews and periodically will supplement our regular offerings with DVDs.

This is intended as an eclectic look at what's going on, both inside and about us. Your contributions are welcome.

Rebirth of the Magazine

We took a unique approach in launching the e-zine, offering subscriptions that gave readers a chance to view and download PDFs of the individual articles as they were completed, as well as access to the last completed volume. That approach was very time-consuming on the production end, because of the continuous need to produce the individual articles in multiple forms. And many readers were still interested in having a print publication (Living Free grew out of the former Naturist Life International, a traditional print magazine).

Advances in on-demand publication have provided an opportunity to streamline the production and provide choices for readers. Not only does it make it easier for all parties; it reduces the price. Digital versions now cost $5, while the printed magazine ranges between $8 and $15, depending upon the number of pages.

Stories and Photos Wanted

Please share your own thoughts and experiences, and earn money doing so. We welcome letters, poems, essays, articles, and photographs.

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We adhere to the 10 tenets of the NLI* Credo:

I  We appreciate all of nature and believe it is an ideal context for nudity.

II  EveryBODY is beautiful.

III  We are family-oriented.

IV  We promote nudity in everyday life, not merely recreation.

V  Naturism is more than skin-deep; substantial gymnosophy underlies our nudity.

VI  Nudity is not a pretext for lust.

VII  We revere tradition while welcoming truly wise change.

VIII  We deeply respect religion, without promoting any particular creed.

IX  Our nudity is unabashed but not exhibitionist.

X  We promote nudity via cultural education and not mere law and politics.

* Naturist Life International

Living Free No. 6

Living Free: Naturism & Our World: Living Free No. 6

In This Issue: The Challenges of Naturism - Some Questions for the Ranger - Celebrating the Beauty of Woman - My Morning with Dawn - Is Christina Aguilera's New Video 'Not Myself Tonight' Obscene? - Freehiking at the Border - Fully Experiencing the Outdoors

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