Yankee Swap

A Yankee Swap is a blind gift exchange in which each person who brings a wrapped gift selects a piece of paper bearing a number. The person who draws No. 1 goes first, selecting any gift on the table, and opening it for all to see. The person with No. 2 then chooses from the remaining gifts and opens it. That person  has the option of keeping the gift, or exchanging it for the previously unwrapped gift. The person with No. 3 likewise selects from the wrapped gifts remaining on the table and, after unwrapping it, has the choice of keeping it or exchanging it for any of the previously unwrapped gifts. The swap continues in this way until the last gift has been unwrapped. Then, because No. 1 did not have a chance to select an alternate gift, he/she has the option of exchanging for any of the other gifts.

While some Yankee Swaps designate a dollar range for the gifts, Naturist New Hampshire puts no conditions on the gift-buying. Gifts can range from cheap, joke gifts to expensive, desirable gifts,which adds a layer of fun and excitement to the exchange. Participants should bring a sense of humor and be willing to walk away with whatever gift they end up with. Since participation is not mandatory, those who would object to those conditions (or simply don't want to participate) can sit it out and still enjoy the afternoon.