Naturism & Our World

Articles & Photos Wanted


Living Free always has a need for articles, poems, photographs, and artistic works. We are interested primarily in stories and pictures that illustrate naturist life in everyday settings, and in all seasons; that is, nudity around the house, in the yard, at work — for those fortunate enough to work in conditions where natural living is possible — and at worship or in other spiritual settings.


There is a special need for stories about naturist family living — how one goes about conveying naturist values to the whole family, how to live as a naturist in the community, and the various challenges living a naturist life brings.


We also can use stories and photographs that touch on naturism in all its forms: recreational activities, vacations, travel, life in other cultures … the list is limited only by morality and good taste. Artistic nudes are fine, and we occasionally need other types of nude images — theatrical productions or cinematic nudity — to illustrate the articles and poems we publish. We do not publish pornography.


We pay $10 for poems, columns, and short articles, and $25 for feature articles and fiction of 1,000 to 2,500 words. We will consider even longer articles and works, but suggest a query first.


Photographic contributions to accompany the stories, or as stand-alone photos, will bring $50 for cover photos; inside, the rate is $20 for the first photo and $10 for each additional photo in the series. We can take prints, but greatly prefer digital images on CD or via email. We prefer digital images at least 1 megabyte in size; 2 MB or greater preferred.


We require a release form signed by all recognizable subjects IN the photos. A downloadable photo release is available here. Please mail the releases to Living Free, PO Box 969, Winnisquam NH 03289.


Contributors of both articles and photos may choose any level of anonymity they wish, but for those who are willing to be identified, we’d appreciate a short biographical sketch and photo to accompany the piece. We’ll pay an additional $10 for a bio & photo.


Contributions may be sent via email to or by regular mail to the address above. We will attempt to send back all photos and manuscripts that are mailed in, but cannot guarantee their return, so we strongly urge you make copies of what you send.


Model For Us: Living Free has a continuous need for photos to illustrate our articles, and is willing to pay models for participating in half-day or full-day photo sessions. When the weather cooperates, we do photo safaris to outdoor locations; otherwise, we shoot at indoor locations. If interested, contact us at for further details.

Please contact us by writing:

Living Free, PO Box 969, Winnisquam NH 03289;

or by email at:

Naturist New Hampshire

PO Box 969

Winnisquam NH 03289


It is not necessary to travel to exotic locations or go to secluded beaches or resorts to enjoy nude living; it can be done at home, in the backyard, around the pool, or on a hike.