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Vera Meyer's Glass Music

After more than a century of obscurity, Benjamin Franklin's glass harmonica - invented in 1761 - is back, delighting audiences with its haunting and ethereal sounds. Thought at one time to induce insanity, nervous disorders and even hypnotic states, the instrument is now regaining broad popularity and appeal. Mozart and Beethoven were among the many composers to write works for it.

Vera Meyer, from the Boston area, discovered glass music in 1983 when she happened upon street musician Jim Turner playing his musical glasses in Cambridge. She was so captivated by the sound of the instrument that she immediately worked to acquire her own glass instrument. This she did when she met Gerhard Finkenbeiner, master glassblower and glass harmonica builder. Vera, who also is a naturist, wishes to dedicate all future concerts to the memory of Gerhard, her friend and mentor.

Vera Meyer's Glass Music on CD: $10

Just By Accident:
Adventures of a Modern Vagabond

By Ben Benson

The book recounts Backcountry Ben's experiences traveling the country and working as a ranger in Alaska. $15

Excerpt: 'I'll never forget the scene that greeted me when I awoke the next morning. It was a misty dawn over the quarry. A gentle breeze was pushing itself through the hemlocks, making their bells tinkle, ever so effortlessly.

Standing underneath the trees were three lovely Asian ladies, naked, doing their morning Tai Chi exercises. I lay there in my sleeping bag and watched them dance for about thirty minutes. It was delightful. Afterward, I complimented them on their supple beauty.'

From Just By Accident

The World's Best
Nude Beaches & Resorts

The next generation of the Baxandall World Guide, this book gives you the top 1,000 places to be nude in North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Full Color, Softcover, 304 pages.







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