Joining and Supporting Naturist New Hampshire

For the protection of our members and guests, and their children, we require a copy of a government-issued photo ID and check it against the National Sexual Offenders Public Registry and State Registries. If paying online, we check with state databases before accepting your payment, but also ask that you follow up by mailing or emailing a copy of your ID for our records.

Basic Membership*, at $30 per household, includes discounts at NNH events, a newsletter, and access to a members' area on our website. There also may be special, members-only activities. Many naturist resorts & groups provide discounts for card-carrying members of NNH.

* In an effort to encourage more young adults to participate in naturist activities, membership fees are waived for those between the ages of 18 and 35. To receive a Young Adult membership card, submit a photocopy of a driver's license, student ID, or other documentation. Mail to: NNH, PO Box 969, Winnisquam NH 03289.

Enhanced Membership, at $50, includes membership in NNH and copies of articles to appear in Living Free: Naturism & Our World.

Granite Membership, at $110, includes memberships in NNH and the Naturist Society** as well as copies of articles to appear in Living Free: Naturism & Our World.

**Join the Naturist Society through NNH and a portion of your membership remains with the local club. Or join separately by clicking on the button below. For further information on the Naturist Society, go to:






Support Naturist New Hampshire

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To join by mail, print out and mail the form below:

















Naturist New Hampshire

PO Box 969

Winnisquam NH 03289


Naturist New Hampshire (NNH) is a non-landed naturist group based in New Hampshire, USA. NNH was formed with the casual naturist in mind. The idea behind NNH was to establish an organization that would provide information and activities for ANY and ALL of the naturists/nudists in the area. We welcome families as well as couples and singles.

Whether you are an active naturist or simply a supporter of the naturist lifestyle, Naturist New Hampshire welcomes you.

We are family-friendly, supportive, non-threatening, and non-judgmental.

If you are looking for sexual encounters, please look elsewhere.

'Tis far better to be nude and cloaked with honesty, than to be dressed in finery and plagued by body shame.

-Nudist Philosopher