Cookouts at A Sacred Place

NNH cookouts at A Sacred Place (, 970 Dorchester Road (Route 118) in Canaan, begin at noon. There is a hoop pavilion with a food preparation and wash-up area, a barbecue grill, and electricity for crock pots, etc. NNH will supply some food based on the number of advance reservations received.

Bring your own towel and food to share. Relax on the lawn of the 40-acre property, or pitch a tent in a grassy field, or at one of numerous tent sites in the woods, and stay overnight.

There is plenty of space for exploration or meditation, a fire pit for evening gatherings, and space for volleyball, soccer, petanque, or other games you want to bring along. Play an instrument? Native drums, guitars, flutes? Bring them along, or just bring your voice.

Note that the property is considered a sacred site and also is a working farm with hens, turkeys, goats, and pigs. Please respect the property and the animals, and feel free to ask questions about the operation.

For the convenience of campers and day visitors, the property has a privy and on-demand shower.

A Sacred Place is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization which manages more than 40 acres of land in West Central New Hampshire, just at the foothills of the White Mountains.

The land is open to all those who are willing to respect it. A Sacred Place regularly holds classes, spiritual retreats, concerts, festivals, and other events, as well as providing camping, nature hikes, and a chance to commune with nature on an established spiritual site.

In addition to the extensive forests, field, and brook, there is a labyrinth, sanitation, covered areas, limited cooking facilities, a number of shrines and altars, and a fire circle / wood henge.

A Sacred Place also is a small-scale working farm, with vegetables, chickens, goats, and pigs.


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